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Commercial Real Estate Closings

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Residential Real Estate Closings

Commercial transactions require detailed knowledge of contract law, due diligence requirements and municipal law.  Let us negotiate your commercial transaction from Contract to Closing. Representative transactions include:

  • Commercial Apartment Building Purchase, Sale and Financing

  • Commercial Office Building Purchase, Sale and Financing

  • Condominium Conversions and Turnover Documents 

  • Condominium Deconversion and Sale of all Units to Investors

  • Residential Home Development and Turnover Documents

  • Due Diligence Review of Commercial Properties

Your Home is the single biggest investment in your future.  Let our experience and expertise help you navigate any type of residential transaction.  Representative transactions include:

  • Purchase, Sale or Refinance of Home

  • Condominium Conversions or Deconversions

  • Condominium Deconversions

  • Purchase at Auction

  • Purchase or Sale of Investment Property

  • Short Sales

Property Tax Wooden Blocks With A Miniat
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Property Tax

Property taxes can be deferred, sold, redeemed and appealed.  Let our expertise in Property Tax resolve your tax issues. Representative Property Tax transactions include;

  • Redeem Property Taxes sold at auction

  • Senior Citizen Property Tax Deferral

  • Appeal Tax Assessments

Real Estate Development and Zoning

When Developing your business, a change in zoning or development entitlements may be required.  Let our experience in zoning and development be part of your Real Estate development plans.   Representative zoning and development transactions include:


  • Zoning change from  single family to multiple family. 

  • Zoning change for Drive-Through

  • Development of Condominium

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